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601 W. Monte Cristo Road
Edinburg, Texas 78541

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Not all watermelons have red flesh; there are yellow and orange varieties as well.

Food Safety


Food safety and quality are our number one priorities at Borders Melon Company. We became one of the pioneering companies in food safety, in the watermelon industry, by having all facets of our operation tested and certified safe by Primus Laboratories to ensure an end product 100% safe for the consumer. We were among the first in the industry to wash and sanitize our watermelons to reduce the risk of contamination from food borne pathogens. We are proud of our superior four star rating under the Primus scoring system. To achieve this level of compliance each step in the supply chain, every farm, harvest crew, cooler and packing facility must be audited by Primus Labs at least once per year, with no critical violations noted.

All of our watermelons are washed (with potable non-recycled water), gently scrubbed, and then sanitized with a patented antimicrobial called Selectrocide™. Selectrocide™ is EPA registered for use on watermelons and is also used in the wine, pharmaceutical, and produce processing industries, with efficacy against a broad spectrum of pathogens. We were the first in the watermelon industry to use this product and were instrumental in establishing SelectrocideTM as a produce sanitizer.

There is no substitute for quality, and at Borders Melon Company, you can rest assured "food safety" is an inherent element in our definition of "quality".

Simply the best - Borders Premium Watermelons.

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